Monday, May 10, 2010

POEM #2 - MARS 2050

They came from the Moon.
Massive ships were built by the lunar colonies of the United Nations.
Spinning cylinders revolved on axes, providing gravity for the thousands of specialists aboard.
They set forth toward the red planet, Brother of Earth.
Upon their arrival into orbit the spacecrafts would link-up to form the first recon base.
It took two years for the interplanetary galleons to reach the scarred surface of Mars.
Some would return in six years.
Many chose not to return at all.
They would nurture the first generation of Martians.
Unmanned vessels had stockpiled the surface around Olympus Mons.
Crates and boxes held staples ranging from pressurized oxygen to hydroponic gardens and food for livestock.
Independent robots scurried over the ferrous hills and valleys to carve ice at the poles of Mars.
Water and hydrogen could fuel an emergency return voyage.
The quest for knowledge was without end.
Teachers kept the travelers sharp with holographic, educational resources.
Their view of the Earth and Sun grew smaller each day.
The craters of Mars became closer and easily defined.
Giant construction drones and dozers dug caverns and tunnels.
These routes were lined with plastic layers to be peopled by the new arrivals.
The atmosphere was nearly nonexistent.
The underground would provide sanctuary from the Sun’s uninhibited ultra-violet radiation and the bombardment of meteors and asteroids.
It was the dawn of a new age.
People of Earth queued in droves to be on the next wave to the Moon and beyond.
Mars became a target for would-be adventurers and colonists.
The space program was in full effect.
It was the beginning of mankind’s diasporas from Earth to the stars and galaxies beyond.
Eventually, we would no longer be dependent on a single sun for light, warmth and gravitational pull.
It was a race against the unknown.
The need to survive a black hole, a supernova, an extraterrestrial conquest.
The need to survive…regardless of the cost.
The wonders of the ancient and modern world rested on their shoulders and those who were yet to be born.


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