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This is an adventurous role-playing game in which you play as the hero(s) or heroine(s). At places in your quest you will be given the opportunity to use attacking/healing artifact cards when one of your characters has met the required degree of experience points written on each card, attacking/healing spell cards, also when one of your characters has met the specified amount of experience marked on each card, respectively, and accumulate experience points in order to raise experience levels. You will be responsible for calculating armor points and, subsequently, life points, if/when one or more of your character’s armor is exhausted. The same goes for the eradication of the armor and life points of non-player characters (NPC’s), mini-bosses and the end boss. On your character(s) window(s) select your hero’s race and gender. It is recommended that you play as three or four heroes or heroines of different races at a given time. You may choose from the following types: Halfling, Elf, Dwarf, Troll or Human. Roll two six-sided dice to determine each character’s hit(life) points and roll two six-sided dice again to determine each character’s armor points. Then roll one six-sided die to enhance your characters’ racial proclivities. These proclivities include: espionage (Halfling), marksmanship (Elf), resilience (Dwarf), strength (Troll) and healing (Human).
Good luck! May The Fates be with you!
* * * * *
You are at the center of the village of Wood’s End. The tavern, Bard’s Inn, is the largest meeting place of the area’s residents. You step inside and smell the familiar scents of roasting beef and frying potatoes. Villagers and hunters fill the warm chamber. They speak among themselves and give the room a mirthful air. You take a place at the counter and are greeted by Bors, the bartender.

“Hello, friend,” Bors booms. “What will you have this fine evening?”

“The usual, please, Bors,” you answer.

The husky, middle-aged man brings you a foamy mug of root beer and a plate steaming with fried potatoes.

“How are things going around town, Bors?” you ask.

“As good as can be expected. The Lykanthros continue to harangue us from the outskirts of Wood’s End. They have destroyed much of our crops and livestock. I suspect they are starving and seek our food supplies to supplement the lack of game in the depleted forest.”

“That sounds logical,” you reply. “Is there anything I can do to help your predicament?”

“Of course, my friend,” Bors says. “I think it wise to assemble a group of three or four adventurers willing to investigate the motives of the wolf-creatures. They are anathema to we trolls. The Lykanthros were underlings of the Dire Queen of Arkadia and her goblin and orc assassins. Their previous masters have either been destroyed or have gone to whereabouts unknown. Rumors suggest that their stronghold, the Abyssal Cairn, was rent asunder by elves. As for the dragon-trolls I can only suspect that they emerged through the rampant spatial portals generated by malevolent Summoners during the previous invasions of Mystic Down and the other regions of Gaea. Additional intelligence will serve us well and aid our future strategies, combative and otherwise. Take some time to survey the diners here. I’m sure that you will find three or four travelers willing to take their talents into your employ. My patrons hearken from virtually the four corners of the world, so to speak.”

Now is the time to create three or four characters that will constitute your adventure party. Roll two six-sided dice to determine hit(life) points and again to determine armor points. Then roll one six-sided die in order to generate the proclivity score designated to each prospective race.

“Can you help deter the continuing invasions?” Bors asks.

“Yes,” you answer. “My friends and I require only an hour or two to collect horse-feed and much-needed supplies.”

“You have the thanks of the citizens of Wood’s End,” replies Bors. “We eagerly await our liberation from these hostile invaders.”

You and your newly recruited friends shake hands with Bors and the other patrons. You set foot outside of Bard’s Inn and make the necessary preparations for the journey ahead in a few short hours. Your party makes the trek through the farmland of the trolls and humans of Mystic Down and sets camp at Deep Tree, the landmark of the edge of the wild forest of Arkadia.
What do you do?

Lie down and go to sleep for the night. Go to page

Set a rotating watch. Go to page

Sing campfire songs to keep awake. Go to page

You and your friends lie down and go to sleep for the night. Your group is taken by surprise by the Lykanthros and draconians. Your last realization is the cut of a sword to the chest. Your party has been killed. Please try again.

Your group sets a rotating watch. You are awakened by your companions as a handful of were-beasts draws near to your encampment. A pivotal battle ensues.

5 Lykanthros @ 5 armor points each, 5 hit(life) points each, 1-6 attack points each and 1 experience point each.

If victorious go to page

Your group begins to sing campfire songs in order to keep awake. The sound of your singing attracts a mass of Lykanthros and dragon-trolls. You and your mates struggle to defend yourselves.

6 Lykanthros @ 5 armor points each, 5 hit points each, 1-6 attack points each and 1 experience point each.

3 draconians @ 7 armor points each, 5 hit points each, 1-6 attack points each and 1 experience point each.

If victorious go to page

Those of your adversaries that survive retreat into the thick undergrowth of the ancient, oak forest. Despite your victory your party remains silent and cautious. The canopy of the trees blocks a large percentage of the light of the twin moons of Gaea.

Your party ignites torches and uses their swords and daggers to hack their way through the dense thickets of Arkadia. At last you come upon the ruins of an ominous stronghold. It was once the Abyssal Cairn. The tracks of goblins, orcs, Lykanthros and draconian soldiers run haphazardly around the crumbling ramparts. The cries of ravens and other unidentifiable creatures permeate the air. You approach the foundation of the toppled cairn cautiously. A large, rusted portcullis hangs open, revealing the fractured cobblestones of the courtyard within.

WHAT Do you do?

Head back to Wood’s End to tell Bors that you’ve changed your mind.

Go to page

Tether your horses to a tree and enter the fortress ready for battle.

Go to page


Your party unties their mounts and turns tail back to the safety of Wood’s End in Mystic Down. Bors and his patrons are dismayed to see your early return. Your companions shake their heads in fear and go their separate ways. It is only a matter of time before the draconian soldiers and Lykanthros summon the courage to conduct a full-scale assault on your peaceful village. Your mission has failed. Please try again.

Your party enters the ruins of what had been the Abyssal Cairn. The upper ramparts have crumbled and collapsed. The only structure that remains intact within the rubble and detritus is the yawning, black entrance to the extensive dungeons. You and your fellow adventurers ignite torches and march down the stairs within the subterranean opening. You travel for several minutes in the flickering firelight.

Cries of feral Lykanthros and hostile dragon trolls grow louder as you make your descent. Just as you reach a chamber that stands wide in the shadows your path is barred by a handful of wolf-creatures.

“These dungeons are ours,” a Lykanthros growls. “You surface dwellers are not welcome here. You will pay for your intrusion with your lives.”

The Lykanthros snarl with aggression and make a chaotic charge at your battle group. You and your friends have their weapons and magic spells ready for such a contingency. A whirling melee ensues.

5 Lykanthros @ 5 armor points, 5 hit points, 1-6 attack points and 1 experience point.

If victorious turn to page

The air of the tunnel in which you stand grows wet and chilled. The lights of your party’s torches flicker in the damp but are not extinguished. The cries of the Lykanthros and draconians are more distant. You wonder if their absence is due to the proximity of a more dangerous creature. Your group is obliged, however, to proceed downward into the depths of the under earth. As you move on the passage grows narrow once again. You and your companions come upon a door etched with runes. They say, “This is the chamber of The Necromancer. No one who enters will exit again.”

What do you do?

Open the door. Go to page

Turn back and follow your steps to the surface.

Go to page

You open the door and your party steps within. The room is lit with eerie, blue sconces that emit glowing, blue flames. The walls are filled with shelves of leather-bound books and scrolls. Amid the stacks of tomes is a desk with a scrying glass and a bearded troll who gazes into the inner workings of the sparkling artifact.

“At last you are here. I have been watching your descent into these ruins. I am The Necromancer. I warn you that I have tapped the life energies of many wayward souls. You adventurers teem with life. Such energy will power my research for weeks to come. This is your one and only chance to flee my magic.”

The Necromancer gestures toward the glass sphere before him and it releases increasingly bright light.

What do you do?

Engage him in battle head to head. Go to page

Flee from The Necromancer. Go to page

Your group readies themselves by drawing their weapons and preparing their combat spells.

The Necromancer utters a holding spell.


Arcane, green rays of magical force flare from the fingertips of the adept, evil wizard. Your group expects the tactic and evades the rays successfully. Your warriors charge and your magic-users emit scalding bolts of their own.


The Necromancer attempts to issue a shielding sorcery. His maneuver is not quick enough to prove effective. The energy bolts of your magic-users hit the dark mage squarely.

You and your warriors hew into the seated mage, inflicting him with a flurry of lacerating attacks.

“Argh! You impetuous invaders have compromised my defenses for now. I will not allow you to vanquish me here. Be aware that I know the facets of these tunnels well. I shall continue my surveillance of your progress. The deeper levels hold caches of energy that will fuel my incantations. You have not seen the last of me!”

“Movex!” cries The Necromancer.

The evil magic-user is covered in a burst of azure fire. The Necromancer vanishes from his study chamber, leaving behind the scent of fire and brimstone. Although your party has emerged victorious you have also acquired a growing sense of danger and feeling of foreboding within the surrounding dungeon. An awareness of impending doom circulates through you and your comrades.

At this point you have no alternative but to continue into the murky depths of the castle ruins. Your torches burn brightly but do not illuminate the path ahead more than a few yards in either direction.

A mysterious chest stands beyond the defunct desk and artifacts of the escaped Necromancer. Your party stands before the travel chest of hostile mage.


What do you do?

Open the chest. Go to page

Cast a detection spell. Go to page

Leave the chest behind. Go to page

You and your adventure party turn tail and retrace your steps to the surface and the ruins of the Abyssal Cairn. You untie your steeds and enter the forest, heading west. Before you are halfway to Wood’s End you are attacked by a small army of Stalactite Orcs. The pale humanoids hew into your group with full force. You and your companions do their best to defend yourselves but your last-ditch efforts prove futile. You are swamped by your adversaries and meet your dooms in a mostly gristly fashion. Your party has died. Please try again.

My apologies, Necromancer,” you say. “We mistook your chamber for that of someone else. We’ll be on our way now.”

The Necromancer’s face creases as he chortles.

“Go, then, foolish adventurers. It is clear that the Lykanthros and orcs have little to fear from the likes of this party.”

You and your friends turn tail and hasten to the surface of the ruins and the forest beyond. It is only a matter of time before the wolf-beasts and goblins annihilate your settlements. Your mission has failed. Please try again.

The travel chest is a monster in disguise. The lid clamps down on your second party member, issuing 5 points of damage to his/her armor before he/she is able to pull free.

Go to page

You cast a detection spell, by using a 3-point spell card if you have a character that possesses 3 or more experience points. You realize that the travel chest is not a chest at all but an incubus in hibernation. You shudder at the thought of where the Necromancer found such a daemon. Your party moves on.

Go to page

You hear the sounds of trickling water but are not able to discern its source. The tunnel carries a musty breeze and the rattling of chains hanging in neighboring shafts.

‘These tunnels are extensive, more so even than the now collapsed chambers of the Abyssal Cairn above,’ you realize. ‘The goblins and orcs must have dug out this network of passages over decades before their occupation by the chaotic Summoners and Illusionaries.’

You notice that many of the walls are chiseled with bas-reliefs depicting the bearded Necromancer and a variety of unfamiliar creatures. Some of the creatures have fangs and claws that they use to attack unsuspecting travelers on the evil wizard’s behalf.

Your party continues along a steady descent with their weapons and spells of choice prepared for a possible surprise ambush. Little happens however and your path levels out to become a hallway with two doors. One is on the left wall and the other on the right.

What do you do?

Listen at the right door. Halfling espionage=+5 detection roll.

If detect roll is >7 Go to page

If roll is under <7 font="" go="" page="" to="">

Listen at the left door. Halfling espionage=+5 detection roll.

If detect roll is >7 Go to page

                  If roll is under <7 font="" go="" page="" to="">

You listen at the right door. The sound of hanging chains rings louder from within. Your party deems it safe enough and turns the latch on the unlocked door. Jingling sconces hang from a set of chains descending from a shaft in the ceiling. They cast an eerie, blue light on the room. One wall holds a shelf filled with books. They glisten with a sheen of recent magical research.

“This must be a secondary study chamber of The Necromancer,” you say.

Your friends agree with your analysis and opt to leave the books where they stand. You move below the shaft with the hanging sconces and gaze upward. The cylindrical opening reaches into the darkness beyond the range of your torches. The chains rattle in the breeze of the dungeon. For a moment you are almost sure that you hear diabolical laughter descending from the void above. The shaft is not large enough for humans or elves to climb. A halfling, if in your party, may scale the chains and report back as to what lies at the top of the swaying chains.

What do you do?

Use your halfling, if you have one in your party, to conduct reconnaissance in the shaft. Go to page

Return to the main hallway. Go to page

After several minutes of climbing your halfling reaches an opening in the vertical passage. The walls are limned with sconces emitting blue and yellow flames. Your halfling is cautious and peers into the flickering light of the chamber from the edge of the circular opening in the floor.

A trio of beholder beasts are holding a heated conversation. They are unaware of the presence of the member of your party.

A red beholder directs the gaze of its single eye at a pair of green ones.

“The humanoids are approaching from below. The Necromancer is weak. Something must be done to protect the interests of the beholders and Lykanthros in this network of passages. The bearded mage has already retreated too far from the intruders. Let us move on and report The Necromancer’s retreat to our beholder brethren.”

The one-eyed creatures ascend through three openings in the ceiling. Your halfling makes the descent to the chamber where the rest of the members of your adventure party wait. Your spy reports to the others about what he observed.

Your party moves on to the main channel outside the door of the auxiliary study.

What do you do?

Take the return route and retreat from the dungeon. Go to page

                  Open the adjacent door. Go to page

                  Listen at the adjacent door. Go to page

Your adventure party turns back and makes their way through the central passage of the ruins. The Necromancer appears before your group.

“I have you now, infernal meddlers! You should have retreated when you had the chance. Now my powers have recharged to their full capacity. Smoldent!”

A dark cloud of noxious gas permeates the atmosphere of the central passage. Your mages attempt to generate a warding spell to counteract the toxic fumes. They are not quick enough and are overtaken along with the others. Your party has died. Your mission has failed. Please try again.

You open the door on the right side of the tunnel. Your party is overtaken by a dozen, armed draconians. They engage your group in a fierce melee.

12 draconians @ 5 armor points, 5 hit points, 1-6 attack points and 2 experience points.

If victorious go to page

YOu listen at the door standing before you. Several grunts and mumbles emanate through the wood of the closed portal. You also hear the rattling of dice on a table top.

You may conduct a +3 espionage roll for your halfling if one is in your party.

Detect=any roll>4.

Go to page

You hear the speech of a group of deep voices.

“We minotaurs are losing our confidence in The Necromancer. Word carries fast through these passages. They say that a gathering of warriors is headed in this direction. Go ahead, Grondos, it’s your turn to roll.”

“Thank you, Silex.”

The clattering of dice emanates from beyond the closed door.

“We Lykanthros are also disappointed by the rumored retreat of the dark wizard. I vow that if the intruders have come this far without turning tail in fear we will dispatch them accordingly. Much like you minotaurs, we wolf anthromorphs have come of age in an era of battle and, in the interest of the greater good of the pack, will attain victory or death.”

“Yes, victory or death!” hiss a group of sinister voices.

There is a sudden silence from within the chamber.

“Did you hear something?” Silex asks.

The rasp of blades being pulled from their scabbards passes through the door.

You and your party are about to be discovered…

 What do you do?

Prepare for battle. Go to page

Turn back and move along the passage from whence you came. Go to page

The door is opened from within. Three minotaurs and three Lykanthros charge you and your party. Your group is ready for the attack. Elves if in your party may use a marksmanship roll to score a preliminary, attack from their bows.

The six opponents utter a snarling battlecry and engage you all in hand-to-hand combat.

3 minotaurs @ 8 armor points, 5 attack points, 1-6 attack points and 3 experience points.

3 Lykanthros @ 5 armor points, 5 attack points, 1-6 attack points and 1 experience point.

If victorious go to page

The members of your party run as fast as they can in the direction from whence they came. They are not fast enough to escape the speed of a trio of Lykanthros, who tackle your party on the cobble stone floor of the passage. Three minotaurs quickly catch up with the battle and finish off your party with thundering blows from their blunt warhammers. Your party has died. Please try again.

Your battle party steps over the defeated bodies of the Lykanthros and minotaurs. You enter what must be a gaming hall. One of several tables is covered with dungeon maps and cubic dice.

You pause to analyze the maps, briefly, and realize that they represent portions of the labyrinth of tunnels and chambers dug under the remains of the Abyssal Cairn.

The room where you stand is on the outskirts of the underground stronghold. The nucleus of the network of paths lies ahead of you and may only be reached by following a veritable maze of tunnels. You are obliged to move onward.

Let us sally forth, my friends,” you declare. “We are obliged to explore these chambers within the Under Earth until we reach the dungeon’s heart. Only then will we ensure peace for our regions on the surface.”

Your companions nod their agreement and follow your lead to the door at the opposite end of your adversaries’ gaming room.

The portal yawns before your party.

What do you do?

Nothing: Go to page

Summon imp and enter: Go to page

Summon wyvern and enter: Go to page

Set camp with a rotating watch and regain your strength before entering: Go to page

Enter the portal: Go to page

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